Feedback from participants:

Collaborative Drawing Workshops

Classes begin again in August 2017

​(stay tuned)

Experience the power of play and the fun of improvisational and collaborative drawing in a safe, right-and-wrong-free environment, where the end product takes a back seat to the process of creation.

Collaborative Drawing is a form of art making in which we can explore and relax into our creativity because we don’t have to create  the colors, gestures, and images alone. We need only do our part. Someone comes before and someone comes after. Collaborative drawing lets us fine tune our skills of listening, not with the intellect, but with intuition.

In this 3-hour workshop we’ll use mixed media to create two-dimensional one-of-a-kind drawings, reflecting the contributions of each participant. No artistic training necessary. 

"The workshop was 3 hours of pure happiness and the making of new friends."

"Remarkable teacher. Didn't want workshop to end. Whole new view of life!"

"Outstanding workshop: thoughtfully organized, masterfully taught. I highly recommend this experience!"

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