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Feedback from participants:

Collaborative Drawing

February 13, 2019

one fun-filled evening

6:30 to 9:30

New Art Center

Newton MA

To register: 617:964-3424

​or www.NewArtCenter.org

This drawing/painting workshop will not focus on “end product,” rather on the process of creation.  In a safe, right-and-wrong-free environment, participants will experience the joy of exploring new ways to make marks on the page. Participants will use mixed media to create work that extends the boundaries of expressiveness. The workshop features both collaborative painting activities that reflect the contributions of each participant as well as individual drawing/painting activities (follow-the-line, gesture making, drawing with eyes closed, drawing from memory)  that allow participants to notice how they limit (or not) their expressiveness. No artistic training necessary.

"The workshop was hours of pure happiness and the making of new friends."

"Remarkable teacher. Didn't want workshop to end. Whole new view of life!"

"Outstanding workshop: thoughtfully organized, masterfully taught. I highly recommend this experience!"