How Does a Focusing Coach Differ from a Therapist?
In therapy the therapist is the expert. In focusing you are the expert. As a focusing professional I am your trained guide, helping you to discover your own safe way into whatever you choose to explore. A therapist may choose to engage with the content of what you’re saying or ask probing questions, or make associations. A focusin coach will guide you through a process that has been shown to lead to shifts in perspective, new insights, healing, and a sense of greater wholeness even without your disclosing the particulars.  

  What to Expect From a Guided    

               Focusing Session

A session is 50 minutes. At the start of the session we will use the process of “dropping inside” to notice what most wants your attention now. Through  listening and reflecting back, I help

you realize that feeling and its many facets.

Focusing & Meditation

Both focusing and meditation are paths 

towards awareness. 

Meditation is a cessation or letting go of the thought process. Focusing is a process of bringing awareness to a feeling or a situation in your life.

How Many Sessions Might I Need

For some, one focusing session is sufficient. Others benefit from a brief series of sessions to solve a particular problem such as going for a promotion, carrying forth in a relationship, or issues in family life.

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