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My Wife’s Glass Vat of Buttons

I go through her buttons:
that population of immigrants,
some humble, prepossessing,
some big, shiny hemispheres
like the golden dome
of a Shiite mosque. Some are
eagle-embossed, tarnished
from combat. One is tortoise shell
to which a pittance
of yellow yarn still clings.
One is shaped like a tornado
carved into maple. A black-rimmed one
might have been a puppet’s eye.
The light blue ones on a little card
seem despondent, pining
for the holes they've lost
or for the fingers that once pressed them gently
through. Others seem to make
the best of it: two members of the same
clan looking for a third.
Here’s a sexy, sparkled one
eager for sequined cleavage.
Here’s an oblong one, red as a jalapeno
that could burn a statement
into a cloak of snow. Some smell
of rosewater cologne,
some Pontifical incense, some tears.
This is a harbor, an ocean of souls
behind life’s thin thread.
There’ll be a second chance
for some, but for most 
there’ll never be closure.


published in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Salamander:

Held Together Arts